The topic of the ' Editorial ' of issue 39 of the Magazine 'Advocacy' is "The challenge of finding an optimal balance between the courts and their proximity to users". It is about defining a new judicial map, with the aim of improving the performance of the judicial system in Albania. Regarding the current proposal of the High Judicial Council to significantly reduce the number of courts, there is now an ongoing heated debate, considering this proposal a 'drastic decision' that does not serve the citizens.

            The "Documents" section carries a recent CCBE Guideline of June 2021, addressing European Law Firms and Associations "On free movement of lawyers within the European Union".

            In the section "Constitutional Law" there is an article that addresses "The character of the electoral process according the constitutional changes". Its author, Av. PhD Ardita Buna, Lecturer at the 'Mediterranean' University and Member of the Tirana Chamber of Advocates raises several issues related to the constitutional amendments made last year for some changes in the electoral system, on the basis of which the general elections of April 25, 2021 were held for composing the new Body of the Assembly of Albania.

            While the "Opinion" section carries an article entitled "'The veil of ignorance' as an attempt for impartiality of opinion" in which Av. Kejt Gjermeni, Member of the Tirana Bar Association comments on the ideas of a contemporary American philosopher of law, Rawls, on a set of principles of justice, from which the most appropriate can be chosen, based on reasoning and arguments.

            The "Harmonizations" section focuses the reader's attention on "Digital Justice: Atypical Evidence Used in Litigation processes." In this paper, its authors PhD Gerta Mehmeti and Av. Dr. Mallëngjim Skënderaj, Lecturers at "Pavarësia" University in Vlora emphasize that, in the face of the increasing use of electronic instruments, the legal environment is applying the solutions of 'legaltech' technology, to clarify the problem of admissibility and use of electronic evidence in civil, administrative and criminal proceedings. The purpose of this paper is to analyze how much space can be found in the Albanian legal framework to add atypical evidence, in addition to the typical ones usable in the process.

            "Unappealable decisions due to the value and subject matter of the object of the lawsuit" is the article published under the "Administrative" section. The author of this paper, Av. Jonel Baçi, a Specialist in the Ministry of Finance and Economy, has focused on addressing the restriction of the right to appeal, for the reasons mentioned in the title, against the final decisions in administrative proceedings. Special attention is paid to the effectiveness of the restriction of the convention and constitutional right to appeal.

            For the "Criminal Law" section, it is Av. Prof. assoc. Dr. Ersi Bozheku, Member of the Order of Lawyers of Rome (Italy), who sent to the Magazine 'Advocacy' his paper entitled: "Interpretation problems and coherent solutions in the framework of the general criminal discipline of legal entities in the Republic of Albania”. In this paper are given, among others, some suggestions on the protection techniques of legal entities both in the judicial and extra-judicial level' 

            Further, in the section "Employment Relations" are elaborated some "Issues of judicial practice related to labor relations in public administration". In this paper, the author Engert Pëllumbi, Judge in the Court of Appeal of Vlora, emphasizes some basic principles for the establishment and functioning of public administration, whose employees are appointed by competition and apply the law. Some questions are also addressed, like "What is the nature of labor relations in public administration? What is the solution of the consequences in these relationships due to illegal dismissals? What are the competencies of the courts for resolving disputes arising from these agreements?

            The "Civil" section in this issue of the magazine 'Advocacy' leads to "Negligence in private legal relations". Its author Kris Hasa, Lawyer at the Legal Studio 'Frost & Fire Consulting' Tirana, seeks to distinguish, as much as possible, the concepts of 'serious negligence', which our Civil Code covers beyond what is defined by criminal law, and the concept of 'slight negligence', which is not even mentioned in the Code. Also, the author tries to ascertain the problems caused by this uncertainty in the case law, as well as to give some recommendations to the legislator and judges about avoiding this legal vacuum.

            "Horizons" opens with the "International transfer of personal data", an article with cognitive values, where the author, Av. Arben Dollapaj, Member of the Tirana Bar Association focuses mainly on the European Framework for Personal Data Protection, the protection of this data by Eurojust, the legal provisions of Albania in this regard, as well as when such transfer of data can be done.    

            Further, the "Historical - Legal Insights" section goes back to the time "When the general legal basis for human rights was established”. Its author Ilir Dhima, Editor of the Magazine 'Advocacy', wrote the article considering the fact that soon it will be 55 years since the signing in the United Nations Assembly of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, as well as the International Covenant for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which entered into force 45 years ago. However, despite the decades that have passed since then, the provisions of these Covenants still contain current legal value.

The editorial office decided to provide another “Glossary” under the “Etymology” section, which explains the meaning and origin of some specific terms, which are a result of a multi-annual research by Av. Vladimir Molla.

            This issue includes also a “Humor & Satire” section, containing the permanent title “Eulogy of Calamandrei”, which brings some anecdotes and personal experience of this distinguished Italian lawyer (1889-1956). This piece, which often reflect the often fragile relationships between the parties in a civil case – lawyers and judges – are translated into a proper and smooth Albanian language for our readers by Dr. Henrik Ligori.

Finally, the “Announcements” section invites advocates, advocate-assistants, and other legal professionals to send their articles, explaining the criteria they have to meet.